Staying True to Our Roots: Building Community Through Gardening

We have partnered with Mill City Grows starting in the spring of 2018 to create a community garden on Dane St., a stone’s throw from University Crossing. This is their second community garden in the Acre, and houses 16 community garden plots for Lowell residents and UMass Lowell students, faculty, and staff.

How Does This Help The Community?

Mill City Grows’ Community Garden Program allows community members that previously did not have access to land to grow a garden to have a 4’x10’ raised bed in a community garden.

This increases community members’ access to fresh food, provides worthy physical activity, and develops community bonds by meeting neighbors who also have plots in the garden.

Members of the community gardens also have access to water, tools, and the option to participate in gardening skill development workshops, potlucks, art in the garden events, and recipe exchanges.

How To Get Involved

If you are interested in getting on the waiting list for a plot in this or another garden, please email: or fill out an online Garden Application.