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Adventures Abroad

Hands-On Learning Abroad for UMass Lowell Nurses, Designers, Scientists, Musicians, and Artists

Sea urchin in student's hands
Study Abroad students gather sea urchins from tide pools in São Luís, Portugal to observe fertilization and cell multiplication.


This summer, dozens of UMass Lowell students fanned out across the globe to study overseas. Many of them call their experiences "life changing." They're not kidding. 

Students had the opportunity to experience other cultures, make an impact on a developing communities, and build their professional networks. Some even learned another language – all while completing degree requirements.

Explore the map below to see where students traveled and read their stories.

Snapchat Takeover: San Sebastian, Spain

Nursing student Olivia Gouveia's Snapchat takeover from her Study Abroad trip to San Sebastian, Spain. Students used the city of San Sebastian as their primary text and were exposed to structured situations and experiences through a Humanities lens. San Sebastian offers the best of both worlds: a modern Europe-an city with an Old Quarter that preserves its rich legacy of history and culture.

Snapchat Takeover: Tuscany, Italy

Two UMass Lowell music majors were selected to participate in the Sarteano Chamber Choral Conducting workshop in Tuscany, Italy this summer. They sang with choral musicians from all over the globe and had the opportunity to establish and develop relationships with other like-minded musicians. Check out Dana Sheridan's Snapchat takeover from the workshop this summer.

World View

Video by Alfonso Velasquez

Raysa Mateo travelled to Delhi, Agra and Hubli, India with Professor Ashwin Mehta to understand the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in today's global economy.