"In the 20 days, we completed the project which we have discussed and worked together for everyday and several nights. In the 20 days, we met many friends who we may not see each other again. We studied together, played together. In the 20 days, we experienced the different unique life. It was totally an awesome experience!"

Study Abroad: Destination India: Dec. 29, 2015 to Jan. 15, 2016

Students from the UMass Lowell Global Entrepreneurship Program

Sixty students from the United States, India, China, Japan and Thailand assembled in Hubli, India for two weeks of intensive entrepreneurship learning in a multi-cultural, multidisciplinary environment! 

Since its inception in 2014, over 230 students from eight countries participated in the program, in Hubli and Lowell. 

Dr. Shettar, Vice Chancellor, KLE Technological University welcomed students on the first day with an inspirational conversation. His message stayed with students throughout the two weeks on their entrepreneurship learning journey. They were all pumped up and ready to go, even after many with long journeys of 24+ hours and time difference.

See a full report of the two weeks abroad (pdf).

UMass Lowell: June 15-26, 2015

Students from UMass Lowell's Global Entrepreneurship Program tour iRobot.

Fifty five students participated in a two-week total immersion in entrepreneurship and innovation at UMass Lowell from June 15 through 26, 2015. 

Students from US, Japan, China, India, Thailand, Guyana and Haiti learned about how to think entrepreneurially, work in an interdisciplinary and multi-cultural environment, and how to form long-lasting friendships that increase their networks. 

Students visited two area technology companies: MKS Instruments and iRobot. At MKS, they received a presentation about the company, its businesses, operational focus (customer and supply chain) and a tour of their facility. Students were very inquisitive and learned much from the visit about managing a technology company in an ever-changing world.

The iRobot experience was equally interesting and informative. Students had a tour of the company’s products and evolution. They received a presentation on the company’s latest business teleconferencing. Both company visits helped reinforce the lessons in the classroom and provided real-life experiences connected to their learning.

Read the full report on Summer 2015 (pdf) and more: