Computer Orders and Computer Configurations

How do I obtain a new computer from the University?

  1. Review our list of supported configurations
    Use our list of supported configurations to select a device that will best support your needs

  2. Place your order
    If you wish to purchase a computer from the list of configurations, send an email to: Indicate which computer you want to purchase along with the speedtype that will fund the purchase. Tech Services will order the computer on your behalf and create a support ticket in your name.

  3. Data Backup and transition
    Prior to receipt of your new computer, it is your responsibility to backup your data for transfer if you are replacing an existing computer. Utilize OneDrive for the data backup. When you login to OneDrive on your new computer, the data that you backed up to OneDrive will be available. Instructions on how to configure OneDrive can be found on the OneDrive for Business webpage.

  4. Additional Preparation
    In addition to backing up your data, it is recommended that you record the names of the office printers you use, export and backup your bookmarks from your web browser, and record what programs you use that you will need installed on your new computer.

  5. Appointment to pick up your new computer
    Tech Services will work with you to make an appointment for the pickup of your computer which will be at the Tech Services desk at University Crossing. During the appointment a Tech Services technician will assist you to login and confirm that OneDrive is configured, your email is accessible, and that your OneDrive backed-up data is available.

  6. Installing additional software applications
    The new computer will have Microsoft Office preinstalled. Other software installed includes Chrome and Firefox web browsers, Adobe Creative Cloud, as well as Antivirus software.
    Tech Services utilizes self-service portals for software installations. On a PC, after clicking the start button, type in “Portal Manager” or “Self Service” and then select. In the Self Service portal you will then be able to review software applications available for 1 click installation.
    On an Apple computer, go to the Applications folder and select “Self-Service”. You can then view software applications available for 1 click installation.
    If you do not see your software available, please review the Software page of additional software applications for availability.

  7. Additional support
    Additional remote support is available if you are having difficulty with any of the above steps. Please contact Tech Service by phone at 978-934-4357 for assistance.