To deter theft and ensure speedy recovery of lost and stolen equipment, most UMass Lowell-issued computers have Absolute Data & Device Security installed.

Absolute DDS has been used to successfully recover laptops that have been stolen from on and off campus. DDS can also send a remote "wipe" signal or attempt remote file retrieval. Although these enhanced features sound great, in reality, most stolen laptops will have their operating system reinstalled because the thief can't login. When Windows gets reinstalled, DDS will automatically reinstall itself. It'll then start collecting information on the new user that is shared with local police who will eventually retrieve the laptop. Laptops have come from as far as the Dominican Republic and in some cases additional stolen laptops are recovered in the process.

So what should you do if your laptop gets stolen? Report the incident to police and contact the Help Desk to initiate the tracking and recovery process - the sooner the better!

Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Laptop

Laptops should also be physically secured to deter theft. Specially designed cables are available to lock down your laptop.

Explore popular brands of laptop locks.

In addition to locking your laptop, here are some tips for protecting your laptop or other mobile devices including iPads, tablets and USB thumb drives: 

  • When leaving the office, keep your device out of sight. Shut the blinds and close and lock the door. Store it inside a desk drawer and lock it if possible.
  • At the airport or when traveling, never leave your laptop unattended and always be sure it is properly secured. Store it in the trunk of your car or a room safe if available.