UMass Lowell Faculty/Staff - Live In Lowell Program

As UMass Lowell expands, it has become one of the primary drivers of the Lowell region's economy. The City of Lowell has embraced this growth as a benefit to the city and welcomes the idea of becoming more of a "college town". The university shares this goal, in part because of the benefits it can obtain from successfully establishing Lowell's identity as a college town. It will provide another competitive advantage as UMass Lowell looks to attract students and recruit faculty. 

One of the key factors that differentiate communities that intuitively feel like college towns from places that simply host a college or university is where the faculty choose to live. When faculty and staff live in a city or town in greater concentrations, their investment has a positive influence on the culture of the community. As a result, UMass Lowell is interested in actively encouraging and supporting its faculty and staff to choose to live in the City of Lowell through its new Live in Lowell program.


This program is open to all benefits-eligible UMass Lowell employees who are employed by the University for at least six months and are relocating to a residence in the City of Lowell from outside of the City. New hires are eligible but must complete six months of service prior to receiving the benefit.

Benefits Offered

  • UMass Lowell Rental Incentive*: Eligible employees may receive a taxable reimbursement of $1,000 paid through the payroll system on or after their six month anniversary upon presentation of a signed lease agreement for at least a 12-month term for a property in the City of Lowell, and proof of residency. Applicants are also strongly encouraged to obtain a copy of the unit's permit demonstrating compliance with the City of Lowell's Rental Property inspection ordinance. Copies of the permit can be obtained from the Landlord or the City of Lowell's Division of Development Services.
  • UMass Lowell Homebuyer Incentive*: Eligible employees who purchase a home or condominium unit in the City of Lowell may receive a taxable reimbursement of $1,500 paid through the payroll system on or after their six month anniversary upon presentation of a recorded property deed and proof of residency.
  • Landlord, Lender, and Broker Sponsored Incentives: The University is contacting leading local landlords, lenders, and brokers to encourage them to offer matching incentives to UMass Lowell faculty and staff. A list of these partners, properties, and incentives will be provided as the programs are developed.
  • Lowell Development and Financial Corporation (LDFC) Incentive: The LDFC is offering UMass Lowell employees who purchase homes in Lowell second mortgage financing for 50% of their down payment (up to $5,000) at 0% interest with no payments due for the first 5 years. There are no income restrictions on this program. For more information and additional program details, contact the LDFC at 978-459-9899.

* Employees are only eligible for either the rental incentive or the homebuyer incentive and cannot receive both. Employees can only receive one of these incentives one time. Other benefits can be combined.

The university reserves the right to modify, amend or change this program.


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Please complete the Live In Lowell Reimbursement Form and return to the Benefits Office if you qualify and would like to apply for the program. If you have any questions, please contact the Benefits Office at or 978-934-3557.