Benefits are an important part of your total compensation package at UMass Lowell, and they can help provide peace of mind for you and your family in almost every area of life.

Here in Massachusetts, we have a proud history of investing in our employees by providing a full range of coverage choices including medical and disability, reimbursement and savings plans, and retirement savings options including an attractive pension plan.

We urge you to take time to carefully read your copy of the Group Insurance Plan (GIC) Benefit Decision Guide as it explains the many plan options and coverage levels available to you.

Below is a brief overview of the benefits offered to newly eligible benefited unit employees at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UMass Lowell) campus of the University of Massachusetts (the “University”). These benefits are subject to change. In most cases, a more complete description of these benefits is available in Human Resources and/or through the website with links to other information. The official documents will govern in the case of a discrepancy between this summary and the official plan documents. The plan sponsor reserves the right to modify, amend or change these benefits. Please contact the Benefits Office at 978-934-4100 for more information.