Research that Matters

Our faculty and students research nutrition, fitness and performance, food and chemical safety, public health and health disparities among at-risk populations.

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Innovative Laboratories

Three students watch a researcher perform work in lab

Applied Biomedical Sciences Laboratories

Researchers study the role of oxidative stress, inflammation, protein modifications and immune interactions in the development of diseases of the lungs, heart and gastrointestinal tract. Researchers use deep sequencing tools to understand the interactions of the lung and gut microbiome with the host. Learn more.
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Health Assessment Laboratories

Researchers assess factors related to human performance, including biomedical, fitness, metabolic, nutritional and physical characteristics. The lab is equipped with high-tech devices that measure body composition, cardiovascular function, oxygen uptake and fitness levels. Learn more.
Two researchers affix monitors to man in lab chair

NERVE Movement Assessment and Performance Laboratories

Researchers use advanced robotics and gaming technologies to enhance the function and performance of people with neurological disorders. They deliver personalized treatment, assessing individual responses to treatment in near-real-time. Often conducted remotely in the comfort of the patient’s home, the research could lead to new opportunities for innovative and cost-effective interventions. Learn more.

Faculty Research

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