Our faculty have access to the following state-of-the art equipment to facilitate their research agendas.


Movement Analysis

  • Motek split-belt instrumented treadmill
  • Biodex body weight support system
  • Motion Analysis 8 camera system
  • Qualisys 8 camera system
  • APDM Mobility Lab
  • Protokinetics instrumented gait walkway
  • Portable Accusway force platform (AMTI)
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS) kits
  • Y-Balance Test (YBT) kits

Foot Pressure Mapping

  • Teksacn F-scan
  • Novel Pedar

Muscle Function

  • Delsys Trigno 16 channel EMG
  • Biometrics 16 channel EMG
  • Biopac 16 channel EMG
  • Rehabtek customized single joint robotic device
  • MicroFET 2 handheld dynamometer
  • Jamar handgrip dynamometers

Brain Imaging

  • Neuroelectrics Enobio 32 channel electroencephalography
  • NIRx Scout functional near infrared spectroscopy

Exercise Physiology

Cardiopulmonary & Metabolic Function

  • Cosmed K5 wearable metabolic measurement system
  • Cosmed Quark CPET metabolic measurement system
  • Parvo TrueOne metabolic measurement system
  • SphygmoCor XCEL central arterial pressure waveform analyzer
  • Finometer beat-to-beat blood pressure assessment system
  • Woodway Mercury treadmill
  • Lode Excalibur Sport bicycle ergometer
  • Cybex Arc Trainer elliptical
  • SRM PowerMeter
  • Cholestech LDX blood serum cholesterol, lipid, and glucose analyzer
  • PowerSpin MX centrifuge
  • MIR Spirobank II spirometer
  • Welch Allyn automatic blood pressure portable stand
  • SantaMedical pulse oximeters


  • Cosmed Quark 12x clinical electrocardiography system
  • Equivital electrocardiography chest harness
  • Polar Vantage V heart rate monitor and H10 chest strap
  • Polar FT1 heart rate monitors and T31 chest straps
  • Activewave Cardio ECG with Actigraph accelerometers

Body Composition

  • Hologic Horizon DXA System
  • Tanita bioelectrical impedance body composition analyzer
  • Welch Allyn Scale Tronix 5002 clinical body weight scale and stadiometer
  • Detecto body weight scale and stadiometer
  • Mediflex Harpenden skinfold calipers