In Memoriam

Annette McDonough, Ph.D., RN, was a tenured Associate Professor in the Solomont School of Nursing before she died in December 2019. She joined the School of Nursing in 2005. Her area of scholarly interest was cardiac electrophysiology, trauma, and Critical Care Education.

Christine Jablonski, MSN, RN, taught in the nursing department as adjunct faculty and spent over forty-five years in nursing before she died in February 2020. She was an infection control nurse at the time of her death, rising to become an Advance Practice Infection Control and Prevention professional. Her specialty was patients who were stricken with AIDS.

Arlene McGrory, Ph.D., RN, taught in the nursing department as an Assistant Professor in the undergraduate department and retired as an Associate Professor Emerita. She died in February 2020. She had a passion for teaching and enjoyed traveling.

Norma McQuaid had a Master’s Degree in Nursing Administration and a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. She was a former nurse faculty member who retired in 1982 and died in 2018. She was very involved and lectured for the American Heart Association and was a member of a strategic team that established an ICU and Kidney Dialysis Units at the former St. Joseph Hospital in Lowell.

Eileen Williamson, Ph.D., RN, who taught Community Health at UMass Lowell for 25 years, died in 2018. She was a great colleague, research collaborator, thinker and mentor to faculty and students.