Susan Recce

Susan M. Reece, D.N.Sc., C.S., P.N.P.

Professor Emerita

Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences


Health Promotion Across the Lifespan

Research Interests

Reece's research has focused on health promotion across the lifespan. Her primary area of interest is in self-efficacy theory and its application to health promotion and life transitions. Current research projects include the study of Explanatory Models of Cambodian families in relation to their children's asthma and exploration of the use of personal care products and body art among a diverse group of adolescents. Dr. Reece has developed two instruments which have been published in the literature: The Parent Expectations Survey (PES) for use during the transition to parenthood. The Perimenopausal Health Self-Efficacy Survey (PHS-ES), to assess perimenopausal health self-efficacy among mid-life women.