Imparting Wisdom, Support and Expertise

The Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences external advisory board is composed of professionals with expertise in areas represented by the college. The board meets twice annually, in the fall and spring semesters, and members are available for consultation throughout the year. 

Board members serve as ambassadors for the college and the university, provide industry, foundation and individual contacts to the college.

Maura Walsh '80
Chair of the Advisory Board
HCA, Inc. Gulf Coast Division
Former President
Cathy Spinney '84, '06, '08Yankee Alliance
Former President and CEO
Jerry St. Peter '89Eyevance Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Chief Executive Officer
Louis Coiro '82Tewksbury Physical Therapy
Donna Manning '85, '91, '11Boston Medical Center
Former Oncology Nurse
Richard Lynch '87Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating
Amy Hoey '88Lowell General Hospital
Executive Vice President
Chief Operating Officer
Todd Bazemore '94Kala Pharmaceuticals
Chief Operating Officer
Richard Juknavorian '98HealthcareSource HR Inc.
Chief Product Officer
Susan West LevineLowell Community Health Center
Chief Executive Officer
Edward Kittredge, '67Professional Profiles Inc.,
Former President

Board members are either UMass Lowell alumni or professionals in the world of health care who have a strong interest in the College. These experts, along with our faculty, staff and students are committed to improving world health.

The Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences is very grateful to these board members for their wisdom, support and expertise in helping us achieve our mission to promote the health of individuals, families and populations.