The Provost's Graduate Fellowship is a one-year award offered to high achieving newly admitted master's students with a residency status of international, out-of-state or regional.  While UMass Lowell's tuition and fees are competitive with other top graduate schools, the purpose of this award is to make our excellent master's programs even more affordable for you. 
The fellowships are offered to full time students in the range of $4,000 to $10,000. All eligible applicants will be automatically considered for the fellowship. No additional application is required. We strongly encourage graduate applicants to apply earlier to increase their chances of receiving a fellowship. 

Awardee Requirements

  • Must confirm enrollment by the given deadline.
  • Enrollment must be in graduate level courses.
  • To receive the full fellowship amount:
    • Must maintain full time status (9+ credits), of which a minimum of 6 credits must be taken on-campus, each semester.
  • To receive partial fellowship amount: 
    • The fellowship will be prorated by 50% if enrolled in 6-8 credits, of which a minimum of 3 credits must be on-campus, each semester.

Terms and Conditions

By accepting the Provost's Graduate Fellowship award you agree to the following conditions:

  • Your residency classification for tuition determination is either international, out-of-state, or regional (non-Massachusetts). If your residency status changes for any reason, you will no longer be eligible to receive this award.
  • International awardees must maintain full-time status.
  • Must remain in good academic standing.
  • The award will be applied as a credit against tuition and fee charges, half of the award amount for the first semester and the remaining half of the award amount for the second semester during the first academic year of your master’s degree program. This award is non-renewable.
  • Students who receive other tuition based awards, examples: NIOSH, NSF, or Fulbright scholarships; Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant appointments; and employee benefits, may have their awards cancelled.
  • Housing and meal plan costs are not covered.
  • You must register for your first semester classes as soon as possible. If you enroll in undergraduate courses as prerequisites, it is your responsibility to forward proof of the requirements by email to:
  • This fellowship award will be administered according to Federal financial aid guidelines. If the Graduate Fellowship is combined with other merit-based or need-based aid, the total cannot exceed the cost of education or the amount of defined need as applicable.