The University of Massachusetts Treasurer's Office is responsible for Risk Management and Insurance activities throughout the University system. The Board of Trustees has designated the Treasurer (and or his designee) as the responsible party for all matters related to Insurance. The main activity of this function is to identify the various risks that face the University and take the necessary actions to manage those risks.
There are two general exposures which face the University of Massachusetts as well as other similar institutions. The first exposure is the potential for Liability which may arise as employees of the institution carry out their various duties. The employees and/or the institution could be held liable for actions which may cause bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage to others. The university manages many of these exposures through the purchase of various forms of Liability Insurance. These policies are designed to protect the institution and its employees for claims which may be presented.
For a list of other polices that the University maintains, view the Master Schedule of Insurance (doc). Please note that not all policies listed on the summary are for the entire University system. Some are specific to a campus and/or specific program and department.
The university and its employees are further protected under Sovereign Immunity. Chapter 258 of the Massachusetts General Laws provides protection from claims of negligence while employees are acting within the scope of their employment.

Make a Claim

UMass Lowell employees who need to make a claim should email

More Information

For more information on Insurance Matters, visit the University of Massachusetts Treasurer’s Office website and view the section on Insurance.

Request Certificate of Insurance

A Certificate of Insurance evidences University of Massachusetts insurance coverage.  A University Certificate of Insurance may be requested by employees or by third parties involved with the operations of the University.  If you would like to request a Certificate of Insurance, complete the attached Certificate of Insurance Request Form.