Bank Deposits

Revenue needs to be deposited as soon as possible, per the University’s Collection Security Guidelines (pdf).

Bank Reconciliation

Cash Management Services reconciles all cash journals that have posted to the General Ledger to all bank deposits (cash, checks, wires and credit cards). Bank reconciliation is done on a monthly basis and a completed reconciliation report must be submitted to the UMass Treasurer’s Office on the 3rd business day following the end of the month. 
Therefore, it is very important that all Transmittal Memos (TMs, xls) have been submitted and entered in a timely manner. If a deposit is being made near the end of the month, arrangements should be made to ensure that the completed TM is delivered to Cash Management Services by month end. 
If your department has made arrangements for a deposit to be made by wire transfer, please contact This will enable us to quickly identify and post the wire to the General Ledger.