Department ID

The Department ID is a ten-digit chart field at a lower level of the organizational hierarchy used to track financial transactions. Each Dept. ID is noted on the campus organizational tree under the department responsible for its financial transactions.
Create a new and/or modify an existing Department ID with Docusign.

Project Numbers

Non-Sponsored Project Forms (pdf) are used to capture and control specific special funding transactions in a hierarchical structure across budget years, funds and departments. 

Sponsored Projects - Please contact the UMass Lowell Office of Sponsored Programs for assistance with all Sponsored Projects/Grants.

UMass Lowell Journals

The UMass Lowell campus has several different types of journals. Understanding which journal is needed for your specific request will ensure the request is processed as intended and will expedite the processing time. To help determine what type of journal to request and where to submit the request, we have created the Journal Process Guide (PDF), as well as Frequently Asked Questions.

Budget Journals

Budget Journals (xcl) are used to create, and/or modify operating  and payroll budgets (Funds 51161 and 52110) within the PeopleSoft Financials system. Job aid (pdf).

Journal Entries

Journal Entry Forms (xcl) are used to transfer funds between all non-operating (Fund 51161) Budgets. This same form can be used to transfer expenditures between any budgets. Job Aid (pdf).