I. Policy Statement

(Effective as of 3/1/2023)
The UMass Business and Travel Expense Policy was updated and approved by the Board of Trustees on Dec. 16, 2021. On July 1, 2022, the new policy and standards were adopted by all UMass campuses.  One change in the standards is gift cards are no longer allowed to be purchased using a regular bank card. Cash advances for human subject related payments are no longer supported in the UMass Business and Travel Expense Policy.
UML now requires all gift cards and human subject related payments to use the Declining Balance Card process.  

II. Purpose

The purpose is to establish guidelines and procedures for all gift cards and human subject related payments. 

III. Scope

This procedure applies to all faculty and staff who will be requiring gift cards or human subject payments. 

IV. Procedures

V. Responsibility

The Controller’s Office is the department responsible for implementing the procedure. All campus departments are responsible for adherence to the procedure.