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Bachelor of Music

We offer five distinctive, highly creative and forward-thinking undergraduate majors.

Applied Music

Music Studies - All music studies program students must successfully complete eight semesters of applied music (private lessons) on their principal instrument or voice. 

Music Performance - The performance specialization also requires eight semesters of study and a public senior recital. 

Music Business & Sound Recording Technology - Music business students and sound recording technology students are required to take six semesters of applied music.

Composition for New Media - Students in this program are required to complete eight semesters of applied music and must submit a senior portfolio of original work.

Students must officially apply to their program of choice. All music majors are accepted into their intended majors conditionally. Detailed information about general requirements for admission to the Music Department can be found in the undergraduate catalog.

Undergraduate music students must participate in a variety of judged events such as panel evaluations, recitals and ensembles. They present opportunities for students to be evaluated on their performance progress and level of mastery. Additionally, all undergraduate music majors are required to attend ten concerts and/or recitals each semester from among those listed on the Department of Music Performance Calendar as part of Freshman Chorus (for freshmen) or Recital Attendance.
A male student playing the flute. Photo by FJ Gaylor

The UMass Lowell department of music offers a music minor program where no audition is required. For more information please refer to the UMass Lowell Catalog regarding the Music Minor.

For more information about the undergraduate music programs and their requirements, please refer to the UMass Lowell online Undergraduate Catalog.

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Students may pursue a combined bachelor's and master's degree program that leads to teaching certification.

The Bachelor of Music in Music Studies with the Master of Music Education - a five-year, dual degree program - leads to initial teacher licensure.

Why study music at UMass Lowell?

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Performance Groups

Join the Marching Band, Chamber Singers or one of the many performance groups!
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Music Minor

Want the benefit of music fundamentals? Check out the music minor. There is also a music minor for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science majors.
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With a few required classes you will be prepared to get an internship in Music Business and Sound Recording Technology.