Audio Engineering Society: Lowell Chapter


The student chapter of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) is an active, student-run component of the Sound Recording Technology Program. The AES is the premier professional society for those who make, or wish to make, their career in the audio industry. UML established one of the first AES student chapters in the country. Since the chapter is student-run, its activities directly reflect student interests. Common activities include guest lectures, manufacturers' demonstrations, field trips and faculty and student presentations.

All meetings are open to the entire university community and the public. 

Past presentations by the following professional audio companies: 

AKG Acoustics, National Broadcasting Company, Avid Technology, Neumann, BASF Corporation, New England Digital, Bose Corporation, Parsons Audio, Digidesign, Peavey Corporation, Earthworks, Inc., Professional Audio Design, EDNet, Roland Corp. US, Genelec, Solid State Logic, Soundcraft, Studer Editech, Klark-Teknik Electronics,Kurzweil Music Systems, Lexicon, Inc., Yamaha International Corp., National Boston Video, WGBH Public Television

Past presentations by industry professionals: 

William Carman, Toby Mountain, Dave Frangioni, William Moylan, Shirley Kaye, Gary Nelson, Scott Kent, Rupert Neve, Paul Lehrman, Martin Polon, Robert Ludwig, Coleman Rogers, Dave Moulton, Keith Spencer-Allen, Chris Blair, Jay Rose, Dr. Cleve Scott