Gregory Mahan

Gregory Mahan, M.A.

Adjunct Instructor

College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Durgin Hall, 1st Floor


Audio for Visual and Interactive Media, Multichannel and Immersive Audio, Audio Education.

Research Interests

Spatial Audio, Audio Education, Audio and Accessibility, Higher Education Assessment.


  • M.A.: Higher Education, (2022), Morgridge College of Education, University of Denver - Denver, CO Supporting Area: Student Affairs 
  • B.M.: Sound Recording Technology, (2018), University of Massachusetts Lowell - Lowell, MA Supporting Area:


Gregory Mahan is an audio engineer and educator with a focus on multichannel and immersive audio for visual and interactive media. His work in the film, television, and video game industries has been featured on leading streaming services such as Funimation and Crunchyroll, working as a mixing and mastering engineer for classic anime franchises such as Digimon and The Prince of Tennis.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • William Cross Jr. Award for Leadership in Inclusive Excellence - University of Denver, 2022 
  • Distinction in Higher Education Reflective ePortfolio - University of Denver, 2022 
  • University of Denver Departmental Excellence Award - University of Denver, 2021 
  • Outstanding Performance in Sound Recording Technology - University of Massachusetts Lowell, 2018

Selected Presentations

  • Mahan, G. P. (April 2022). Advanced Piano Miking Techniques: A Comparative Study of Steinway Model B Voicings. [Presenter]. University of Massachusetts Lowell Sound Recording Technology Department. 
  • Sponsler, L. E., Pitts, V., Mahan, G. P., Carter, B. (April 2021). Creating community and connection in an online course. University of Denver Office of Teaching and Learning Faculty Podcast. 
  • Mahan, G. P. (February 2021) You Can Take It With You: Showcasing Transferrable Skills. [Presenter]. University of Denver PEAK Leadership Experience. 
  • Hersey, T., Walter, A., Miller, M., Mahan, G. P., Cloran, S., Cannon, E. (April 2019). Learning AIDS: Derek Jarman’s Final Film Blue. [Panelist]. University of Massachusetts Lowell Honors College. 
  • Mahan, G. P., Moylan, L. T. (May 2018). Aesthetics and Adoption of Immersive Recording Formats. [Presenter]. University of Massachusetts Lowell Honors College. Mahan, G. P. (April 2017). The Artist’s Workday. [Presenter]. TEDxGDRHS.

Selected Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits

Adachi and Shimamura (TV) : Mixing & Mastering Engineer (ep 3-). 

Digimon Adventure: Born of Koromon (movie) : Mixing & Mastering Engineer. 

Digimon: Our War Game (movie) : Mixing & Mastering Engineer (Sound Cadence dub). 

Digimon: The Golden Digimentals (movie) : Mixing & Mastering Engineer. 

Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle (special) : Mixing & Mastering Engineer (2021 Discotek release). 

Full Dive (TV) : Mixing & Mastering Engineer. Kageki Shoujo!! (TV) : Mixing & Mastering Engineer. 

Lovely Complex (TV) : Mixing & Mastering Assistant. 

(The) Prince of Tennis (TV) : Mixing & Mastering Engineer (2022 redub). 

(The) Prince of Tennis II (TV) : Mix Engineer. 

(The) Prince of Tennis II OVA vs. Genius 10 : Mix Engineer. 

(The) Prince of Tennis II Hyotei vs Rikkai Game of Future (movies) : Mixing & Mastering Engineer. 

Tribe Nine (TV) : Mix Engineer.