Lauren Hallal is an Adjunct Instructor in the music Department at UMass Lowell.

Lauren Hallal

Adjunct Instructor

College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Music Performance
Durgin Hall 1st Floor


Alexander Technique, Body Mechanics, Injury Prevention, Theater, Chronic Pain Reduction, Vocal / Breath Production


Certified Alexander Technique Teacher from American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT)
BFA, Acting Syracuse University


Lauren Hallal is an AmSAT Certified Alexander Technique Teacher. She is also Affiliated Faculty in the Performing Arts Department at Emerson College, the Anatomy Instructor at the Alexander Technique Training Center and a company member Beau Jest Moving Theater, a devising theater company in Boston, Mass.

Lauren works with musicians, actors, singers and anyone who is looking for better use of their body and mind for performing, practicing, stage fright or chronic pain.

Selected Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits

*Indicates original devised productions by Beau Jest Moving Theater

  • *Screwball!, Lawyer/Effie - Newly Devised Beau Jest Show
  • Journey to the Center of the Stage, Vera / Edwina - Charlestown Working Theater, Boston, Mass.
  • Ten Blocks on Camino Real , Gypsy / ensemble - Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival, Charlestown Working Theater, Bowdoin College, Lucid Stage
  • *Krazy Kat, Mrs. Kwakk-Kwakk & Ensemble - The Piccolo Spoleto Festival, Charlestown, S.C. and Boston, Mass.
  • *The Last Resort, Shop Owner, Raccoon & Ensemble - Boston, Mass.
  • *Motion Sickness, Woman & Ensemble - Boston, Mass.
  • *8 ½, Ensemble - Boston, Mass.
  • *The Naked Giant, Herb Stemple/Ensemble - Boston, Mass. & New England
  • Hadron Collider Therapy, Dr. Beherns - Boston Theater Marathon