UMass Lowell Model UN requires that each delegate submit a position paper. Position Papers consist information outlining each delegation's policies on the topics being discussed in their specific committee. The position paper helps the delegates organize their ideas and share their foreign policy with the rest of the committee.

Position Papers should be uploaded no later than March 31. 

Position papers must be no longer than one page, single spaced per topic (2-pages total), minimum 10 point font.

What to Include

The position paper should include a brief introduction and a comprehensive breakdown of the country's position on the topics that are being discussed within the committee. An excellent position paper must include:

  • a clear statement of policy on each topic;
  • the country's background on the topic;
  • political and/or foreign policy
  • action taken by the specific government in relation to the topic
  • conventions, and resolutions that the country has approved
  • quotes taken from speeches made by heads of government
  • the type of resolution the country hopes to accomplish