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Model UN

UMass Lowell Model United Nations (UMLMUN) 2020-2021 Events!

  • UMLMUN Crisis-Simulation 2020: Friday, November 20 - Saturday, November 21, 2020

  • UMLMUN 2021: April 6-8, 2021

UMLMUN Crisis-Simulation 2020:

This 2 day conference will place students into simulated "crisis" environments. Playing roles such as diplomats, political leaders or military commanders, students will work together in real time to respond to their committees crisis. This simulation will combine the public speaking and issues preparation of a traditional MUN with critical thinking and negotiation skills, making for a unique and exciting 2 day event. More information about specific committees and registration coming August 2020.

UMLMUN 2021:

This dynamic three-day conference offers students the opportunity to debate critical issues facing the global community, as well as develop public speaking, researching and writing skills, in a traditional MUN setting. UMLMUN is proud to be one of the premier High School MUN conferences in New England, drawing nearly 200 delegates each spring.  Registration for UMLMUN 2021 opens in January!

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Registration for 2021 begins in January!

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