Am I eligible for financial aid as an on-line student?

Yes. Financial Aid applies equally to on-campus and online students. Financial aid may be available for matriculated students enrolled in 6 or more credits per semester. You may contact the Financial Aid Office at 978-934-4220 for more information.

As a graduate student, am I able to obtain any housing assistance?

  1. If you are an unmarried graduate student, you may live in a traditional on-campus residence hall where graduate students reside with other graduate students and undergraduate students who are at least 23 years of age. 
  2. If space is available, you may also live in any of the traditional or suite-style halls with other graduate or undergraduate students. 
  3. The residence halls may have one to four bedrooms (housing one to eight people).
  4. If you are married, you may have the opportunity to reside with your family at the East Meadow Lane Apartments. These apartments are either furnished studio, or unfurnished one and two bedroom units. If you wish to apply for this option, you should contact the Office of Residence Life at 978-934-2112 
  5. If you have any questions about housing, please visit the Office of Residence Life website. You can also e-mail, call them at 978-934-5160 or write: Office of Residence Life, University of Massachusetts Lowell, 100 Pawtucket Street, Lowell, MA 01854.

Can I transfer graduate credits from other colleges and universities?

  1. Under certain circumstances, graduate credits earned from other colleges and universities may be transferred. Only graduate courses taken from an accredited Graduate School in the United States or Canada within a five-year period prior to the date of admission to one of the Criminal Justice graduate degree programs may be considered for transfer.
  2. For the doctoral program, the Graduate Admissions Committee can accept transfer credit for graduate courses from an accredited university with a grade of "B" or better. Transfer credit can be awarded:
    1. up to 24 credit hours if the applicant has not completed a master's degree; and
    2. 30 hours for a completed master's.

      Transfer credit will only be awarded for courses that are substantially similar to those at UMass Lowell. Applicants are required to submit course descriptions and course syllabi for each course.
  3. A maximum of 6 graduate credits [two graduate courses] earned with a grade of "B" or better may be transferred toward the master's degree program at the UMass Lowell. A separate assessment is made of each course to determine its suitability for transfer.
  4. These graduate level courses must not have been used in earning another master's degree.
  5. The courses presented must be appropriate to the Criminal Justice Graduate degree program.
  6. Transfer graduate credits may not be granted for research seminars, clinical courses, practica, internships or special projects.
  7. An official transcript and description of the course(s) must be submitted directly to the Graduate Admissions Office.
  8. If you wish to transfer graduate credits from an accredited graduate school, you must file a Graduate Academic Petition (pdf) form within the first semester of matriculation.

Is the master's degree admission procedure the same for online and on-campus?

Yes. For information on applying please visit the Graduate Admissions Requirements page on the UMass Lowell Criminal Justice website.

Must I take the GRE in order to be considered for admission to UMass Lowell? And what is a qualifying score?

Although the GRE is required for admission to the doctoral program, and the GRE or MAT is a requirement for admission to the master's program, it is not the only criterion when considering an applicant for admission. Please visit the GRE website for information regarding the GRE. Both exams are offered daily in some areas.

UMass Lowell does not have a qualifying score for the GRE or MAT. The exam is one factor of many when considering a student for graduate admission.

What are the admission requirements?

The admissions requirements for the three graduate programs are all different. Admissions information specific to each program is available at Graduate Program Admission Requirements.

What are the requirements for the various graduate programs in Criminal Justice and Criminology?

Information on degree requirements is available at Criminal Justice Graduate Program Admissions Requirements.

What if I have been previously admitted to UMass Lowell's Graduate School or if I choose to wait to enter the program (deferred admission)?

  1. If you formerly matriculated, and then withdrew in good standing from the University, you may be re-admitted to the program by completing a Graduate Academic Petition (pdf), signed by the Graduate Coordinator of the Criminal Justice Department and submitted to the Graduate Admissions office within two (2) years of your initial withdrawal.
  2. If you were accepted into the program and did not matriculate, and you were dropped from the Program because you failed to register, you can submit a Graduate Academic Petition (pdf) to Graduate Admissions within one year requesting re-instatement. Beyond the one-year time period, you must submit a new application and fee.
  3. If accepted to the program, you may request a deferment of acceptance up to one year beyond the date when you were scheduled to begin your graduate program. Beyond the one-year time period, you must submit a new application and fee.

What if my undergraduate GPA is not 2.8 or higher?

There is an option for students whose undergraduate GPA is below the required GPA of 2.8 (needed for the certificate and master’s programs) which will increase their chances of getting into our master’s program. First you can take two courses, as a non-degree student in one of our certificates and get Bs or better then apply to that specific certificate program. Students who successfully complete the certificate program tend to do well when accepted into the MA in CJ program. All courses earned in our certificates can be used toward the MA in CJ.

Email: if you need more guidance.