The purpose of the Faculty Senate is to ensure the active representation of the faculty and librarians in the governance of the university.


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Curriculog is a software tool designed to modernize and streamline academic requirement and policy activity. Curriculog was implemented at UMass Lowell in 2021 through a collaboration between Faculty Senate, the Registrar’s Office, Academic Affairs, and IT.

On our new Processes webpage, you will find the following information:

  • Overview of Approval Processes which includes the "Life of the Proposal" and information for reviewers of proposals.
  • Using Curriculog which provides detailed help for each Curriculog Approval Process (AP) offered to create new or revise existing courses and programs.
  • The Faculty Senate Suggestion Box which is available for submitting ideas and topics brainstormed during and after our roundtable discussions.
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How to Get on an Agenda

Visit the Committees webpage for meeting dates & times and agenda deadlines for each Committee of the Faculty Senate. To get on the agenda please follow the instructions on the specific Committee page.

As proposals in Curriculog progress through to the steps of the Undergraduate Policy Committee (UPC) or Graduate Policy and Affairs Committee (GPAC) they will, if approved, be added to the Executive Committee (EXEC) agenda and then added to the agenda for the Faculty Senate general meeting.

If you are interested in presenting to the Faculty Senate at the general meeting, please email


Please contact the Faculty Senate office by emailing: if you have further questions or cannot find the information you need on our website.

To look at Curriculog together with Kerry Patenaude, schedule a Curriculog Session.

For questions about the Curriculog software please email