The Planning Division works collaboratively with the university community to guide the evolution of the physical campus, collect and maintain facility information, accommodate growth needs, and improve existing facilities.

Planning’s goal is to carry out this work in a manner that is environmentally sustainable and sensitive to our immediate neighbors and the wider Lowell community.

Planning's key activities include the following:

Campus Planning

Provides a university-wide, long-term planning context for decisions about campus growth and evolution. Focuses on the character, aesthetics and function of each UMass Lowell campus – North, South and East – and how all university activities and locations can best function as a unified whole. See the university's Strategic Development Plan for 2016-2021 and the list of current planning initiatives.

Space Planning

Focuses on identifying space needs, conducting feasibility studies, and providing programming and design oversight to support appropriately-sized and up-to-date facilities. Supports the Space Committee in their efforts to accommodate evolving campus facilities needs.

Capital Project Planning

Collaborates with and supports the Finance Office in developing the university’s capital plans. Capital Project Planning involves representing the university’s interests during the study and schematic design stages of capital projects with a focus on defining programmatic requirements and guiding the early stages of the design process to achieve project objectives as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Transportation Planning

Looks at travel to and among the campuses with the goals of improving mobility, safety and service, and increasing sustainability. Comprehensive transportation planning is an important contributor to the quality of campus life and the achievement of the university’s sustainability goals. The university is currently updating its Transportation Master Plan.

Real Estate Services

Evaluation of real estate offers and opportunities to support growth needs of the university and local and regional economic development goals. Planning addresses the growth needs of UMass Lowell and support the university’s goal of creating a more unified campus. The university also seeks to leverage acquisitions to support regional economic and community development.

If you have any planning questions or comments, please contact us via email: