The Project Management Group leverages a proven, phased project management process that helps to ensure that each project achieves its goals and is completed as efficiently as possible.

We Guide Each Project Through an Eight-Stage Process:

  1. Request
  2. Scoping of Request
    • If approved, a Project Manager will identify project scope, determine project requirements for staffing and materials, assess related regulations and permitting requirements, prepare a preliminary cost estimate and schedule, etc.
  3. Feasibility Study
    • A feasibility study will identify options and recommend the best solution, required budget, schedule and resources.
  4. Approval
    • Results from the feasibility study and scoping are presented to executive sponsors for approval.
  5. Design
    • Architects and engineers develop the project design, construction cost estimate and project schedule. Contracts are awarded through a public bid process.
  6. Construction
    • Physical improvements are implemented during this phase. This may include construction, furnishings, equipment, and moves.
  7. Closeout
    • This phase involves the completion of open items, including any necessary training, and administrative closeout.
  8. Warranty Period
    • During warranty, the contractor will make repairs required under normal use.