In This Issue

  • Asst. Prof. Gulden Camci-Unal and her student in the lab

    Finding Inspiration in Origami and Eggshells

    Chemical Engineering Asst. Prof. Gulden Camci-Unal and her team of student researchers are developing biomaterials for repairing heart tissue and bones.
  • Amy Peterson and student in lab

    Advancing New Cell Therapies

    Assoc. Prof. Amy Peterson is working to automate part of the process of growing adult bone marrow cells and make it much less expensive.
  • Professor and student talking in lab

    Getting the Lead Out

    Working with a Ph.D. student researcher and aided by a three-month, $15,000 seed grant from the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center, Environmental Engineering Asst. Prop. Onur Apul has developed a process to aid in removing lead from drinking water.
  • Male and female student work on machinery in lab

    Serve and Protect

    UMass Lowell research teams are developing new materials to safeguard soldiers and first responders.
  • Closeup of gloved hands holding fabric

    HEROES Team Develops Smarter, Greener Fabrics for Military

    University and Army researchers are taking advantage of the Fabric Discovery Center to make and test fabric that can act as a portable solar panel, two-way radios and other electronic devices.