The Lin Makerspace possesses a variety of machines, tools, and pieces of equipment that are available to students and faculty.


The Lin Makerspace offers lockers for free that students, faculty, and staff can request on a per-semester basis. There are two available sizes: Single (23" x 23" x 27") and Double (23" x 46" x 27"). Items/Materials not allowed in the lockers include large batteries (over 12V), any dangerous or hazardous chemicals, 3D Printers or any other items that the Makerspace Staff deem unsafe.
If you would like to request a locker, please submit your online request and you will be contacted within a few days.

3D Printers

The Lin Makerspace has 12 FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printers that are open for student use: Four PRUSA printers (single extrusion) and eight Ultimaker printers (dual extrusion). If you would like to learn how to access use our FDM 3D printers to print your own parts, please attend our 3D Lab Training.
The Makerspace is also home to three SLA (Stereolithography) printers (one Form 2 Printer, one Form 3 Printer, and one Form 3L Printer). Each student is given 50ml of resin each semester to print with. If you would like to inquire about having a part SLA printed, please email

Laser Cutting Machines

The Lin Makerspace has two Epilog Laser Cutters, a 60-watt and a 75-watt, each capable of cutting pieces up to 18" x 24". The allowed materials are Acrylic, Unfinished/Untreated Hardwood, Purebond Plywood, Cardboard, Paper, Anodized Aluminum (Engraving Only) and Glass (Engraving Only).
If you are interested in learning how to use the laser cutters and gain access, please attend our 3D Lab Training.

Machine Shop

Our machine shop is home to many pieces of equipment suited for metal working.
  • A horizontal bandsaw capable of cutting most materials, up to seven inches wide and is capable of making angled cuts up to 45 deg.
  • A CNC-augmented Bridgeport milling machine, that several Makerspace staff members are capable of assisting students with the fabrication of parts.
  • Six HAAS CNC Machines: three Mini-Mills and three ST-10 Lathes. These advanced machines are used for the fabrication of parts for student projects, capstones, and research. Due to the complexity of these machines, we are not yet able to offer student access to these machines. If you are in need of a CNC machined part please contact John Connery, Assistant Director (

Poster Printing

The Lin Makerspace is equipped with an HP T790 poster printer available to students and faculty. Our printer is able to print 24", 36" and 42" posters.
To request a poster from the Lin Makerspace, please email You will receive an automatic reply with instructions for how to set-up your file and submit it.
Important Policy Information about Poster Printing:
  • Posters must be sent with 3 business days of lead time before their requested date. This does not include any holidays, school closures or posted Makerspace closures. We are not able to guarantee any late posters.
  • Available paper sizes are 24", 36" and 42''. This means that in order to print your specified poster size, one of your dimensions must be 24", 36" or 42''. Any adjustments that are necessary will be made at the discretion of the poster printing team. If the correct information is not supplied, we have no way of guaranteeing that you will receive the correct size poster. We are unfortunately unable to guarantee reprints based on submission error, so please make sure your submission is correct.

Electric and Computer Engineering Area 

Starting in the fall of 2022, the Lin Makerspace has a dedicated area to Electrical and Computer Engineering that is open to all students. We have four new workstations, each with a DC power generator, an oscilloscope, a function generator and a digital multimeter. We offer a box of the necessary cables and probes which can be rented out from the front desk. The ECE Corner is stocked with a wide range of resistors and capacitors that students can use.
The ECE Area is also home to two "snorkels" that are connected to our ventilation system. These give students the ability to solder in the Lin Makerspace and not have to worry about fumes or gasses.

Basic Hand and Power Tools

If you're in need of a screwdriver, pliers, clamps, scissors, large rulers or other basic hand tools: the Lin Makerspace has a tool wall that students are able to access at all times. We have 4 large tables that have a sacrificial top that students can beat up and drill into, and are then replaced when needed.
There are also a number of power tools available to rent at the front desk. In order to rent out the power tools, we require that users of the space attend our General Safety training that we offer in the Lin Makerspace twice a week.

Wood Shop

The Lin Makerspace is proud to start offering woodworking resources. The various resources are accessible to students with the help of our staff members.

Other Resources

The Lin Makerspace is also equipped with a number of other resources that are available to the UMass Lowell community, including:
  • Student laptops available for rent
  • UMASS Lowell UPrint Printer
  • A wide selection of nuts, bolt, washers and other fasteners
  • A large 55" TV
  • A large number of tables are open to all students to collaborate on homework, exams, projects, or just to hang out!