Hsi-Wu Wong

Hsi-Wu Wong, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Francis College of Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Shah Hall


Reaction engineering; chemical kinetics; reactor design; detailed kinetic modeling

Research Interests

Waste utilization and upcycling; alternative fuels; sustainable processes.


  • Postdoc: Chemical Engineering, (2005), Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, MA
  • Ph D: Chemical Engineering, (2003), Northwestern University - Evanston, IL
  • BS: Chemical Engineering, (1996), National Taiwan University - Taipei, Taiwan

Selected Awards and Honors

  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award (2019)
  • North American Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering (NASCRE) Travel Award (2019)
  • B. J. Martin Dissertation Year Fellowship, Northwestern University (2002)
  • International Symposia on Chemical Reaction Engineering (ISCRE) Travel Award (2002)

Selected Publications

  • Yu, P., Liu, Y., Deshlahra, P., Wong, H. (2021). Detailed kinetic modeling of NOx-mediated oxidative dehydrogenation of propane. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 60(37) 13553-13561.
  • Nallar, M., Tenaglia, N., Morose, G., Wong, H. (2021). Safer solvent blends for food, dye, and environmental analyses using reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography. Chromatographia, 84(8) 769-780.
  • Yu, P., Yang, Z., Gu, Z., Wong, H. (2020). Elucidation of the reaction mechanism of catalytic reaction coupling of ethylbenzene dehydrogenation with nitrobenzene hydrogenation over MoO3/TiO2 catalysts. Applied Catalysis A: General,602 117562.
  • Nallar, M., Wong, H. (2019). Enhanced levoglucosan yields from the copyrolysis of cellulose and high-density polyethylene. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering,7(10) 9480-9488.
  • Nallar, M., Wong, H. (2019). Hydroxyl group stabilization for increased yields of low-molecular-weight products in the copyrolysis of cellulose and thermoplastics. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research,58(25) 10776-10784.
  • Yu, P., Wong, H. (2019). Propane pyrolysis facilitated by phenyl radicals: A combined experimental and kinetic modeling study. Chemical Engineering Science,210 115243.
  • Zuo, W., Wong, H. (2017). Green synthesis of linear alkylbenzenes via Diels- Alder cycloaddition between furan and linear alkenes over niobic acid catalyst. Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews,10(4) 393-403.
  • Wong, H., Peck, J., Assif, J., Panerai, F., Lachaud, J., Mansour, N.N. (2016). Detailed analysis of species production from the pyrolysis of the Phenolic Impregnated Carbon Ablator. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis,122 258–267.
  • Wong, H., Peck, J., Bonomi, R.E., Assif, J., Panerai, F., Reinisch, G., Lachaud, J., Mansour, N.N. (2015). Quantitative determination of species production from phenol-formaldehyde resin pyrolysis. Polymer Degradation and Stability,112 122–131.