The Chemical Engineering Department offers an accomplished faculty, a diverse range of programs and degrees and well-established ties to industrial and research institutions.

Basic or Specialized: UMass Lowell Has It

The department has many focus areas that reflect its strengths, such as biotechnology, bioprocessing, advanced engineered materials, nuclear engineering and process controls. Students may select a basic chemical engineering curriculum or a more specialized curriculum in bioengineering, nanomaterials or nuclear, all of which stem from the basic program.

Advanced Research

Our nationally and internationally recognized facilities such as the Massachusetts Biomanufacturing Center, the Toxic Use Reduction Institute, the Center for Advanced Materials, Nanomanufacturing Center of Excellence, Center for Green Chemistry and the University Research Nuclear Reactor. The department has several laboratories such as the biotechnology and bioprocessing laboratories, the ceramics laboratory, the advanced materials characterization laboratories and a computer laboratory.

Please view the list of UMass Lowell Research Centers and Labs.

Faculty Focused on the Next Generation

The faculty is recognized for research especially in the areas of bioprocessing and biotechnology, advanced materials and nuclear engineering. But its first and foremost focus is the education of the next generation of chemical engineers. Read more about the department's mission, educational objectives and commitment to educating the next generation of chemical engineers.