Chemical Engineering Seminars

Thursday, 4 - 5 pm, Shah Hall 310

For more information, please contact Assistant Professor Subash Sharma, Ph.D

2/1/24Dr. Tom BertalanUMASS Lowell-Chemical EngImplicit Hybrid ODE-nets for CHO Bioprocess Modeling
2/8/24Dr. Yoonyoung ChoiUMASS Lowell-Chemical EngIntroduction of Various Bio-process that Applicable in the Carbon Capture, Bioremediation and Industrial-scale Commercial Biochemical Production
2/15/24    Shoukat, Daniyal

UMASS Lowell-Chemical Eng

Development of Multi-functional materials using 3D Printing and Microencapsulation
2/29/24Greg MehosGreg Mehos & Associates LLCPowder Handling Lecture
3/14/24ZhengyangUMASS Lowell-Chemical EngHierarchical Cu Nanoneedle Array Fabrication and The Applications in Electrochemical Catalysis and Sensing
3/21/24    Mingyu WanUMASS Lowell-Chemical EngElectrocatalysis Modulated by Organic-Inorganic Interfaces
3/28/24Dr. Kristian MyhreORNLPlutonium-238 Production at REDC/ORNL
4/4/24Prof. Alyssa HensleyStevens Institute of TechnologyDesigning the Next Generation of Catalysts by Mapping Material Reactivity at the Nanoscale
4/11/24Dr. Michael DionJefferson Laboratory DOEMOLLER Engineering Physics