Krishna Vedula is Professor and Dean Emeritus in the Chemical Engineering Dept. in the  Francis College of Engineering

Krishna Vedula, Ph.D.

Professor and Dean Emeritus

Francis College of Engineering
Chemical Engineering


Materials Science and Engineering, Engineering Education, International Partnerships

Research Interests

Intermetallic Compounds for High Temperature Applications Oxidation and Corrosion

Oxidation and Corrosion


  • Ph D: Materials Engineering, (1980), Michigan Technology University - Houghton, MI
  • MS: Materials Engineering, (1969), Drexel University - Philadelphia, PA
  • Other: Metallurgical Engineering, (1967), Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay, India

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Board Member - Merrimack Valley Venture Forum
  • Educational Technology Advisory Council Member - Governor of Massachusetts
  • - Governor of Massachusetts to the Regional Competitiveness Council
  • Inducted as Fellow - American Society for Engineering Education
  • ITT Merit Scholar - Indian Institute of technology
  • president - International Federation for Engineering Education Societyies
  • Sigma Zi Honors Society Member
  • Outstanding Engineering Educator (2003) - University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Indus Star (2002) - India New England News
  • Mass High Tech All Star Award (2001) - Mass High Tech Journal
  • Cited in Commonwealth Magazine (2001) - Mass Inc.
  • Workforce Development Leader of the Year (2000) - Massachusetts Telecommunications Council
  • Inducted as Fellow (1995) - American Society for Materials
  • Veishea Professor of Engineering (1993) - Iowa State University
  • Keynote Lecturer Award (1991) - International Conference on Intermetallics
  • Keynote Lecturer (1986) - Gordon Conference on Intermetallics
  • Keynote Lecturer (1985) - International Powder Metallugy Conference
  • A.O. Smith Best Student Paper Award (1978) - Michigan Tech

Selected Publications

  • Kandakatla, R., Radhakrishnan, D.B., Vedula, K. (2015). Enhancing learning by empowering Indian students to solve engineering challenges: An effort by SPEED and IUCEE (122nd ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition: Making Value for Society:). American Society for Engineering Education
  • Hendlin, K., Vedula, K., Horn, C., Monga, M. (2006). In vitro evaluation of ureteral stent compression. Urology, 67(4) 679-682.
  • Vedula, K., Fiddy, M.A., Donatelli, A., Robertson, S., Nunn, R., Moure-Eraso, R. (2001). Innovation in Engineering Education for Sustainable Regional Social and Economic Development. Approaches to Sustainable Development: The Public University in the Regional Economy.
  • Abbaschian, R., Baglin, J.E., Vedula, K. (1997). Special Double Issue: Proceedings of the MRS Workshop on Materials Education, 1996.
  • Wen, J.H., Vedula, K., Yellamanchili, K. (1996). TiSi2 composites reinforced with in situ synthesized TiC and SiC. International Journal of Powder Metallurgy, 32(3).
  • Shingler, M.J., Halloran, J.W., Vedula, K. (1993). Microstructural rearrangement during vacancy annihilation in Co(1-delta)O. Scripta Metallurgica et Materialia;(United States), 28(12).
  • Wright, I.G., Srinivasan, V., Vedula, K. (1993). Some effects of minor alloying additions on the development and breakdown of protective oxide scales. Materials at High Temperatures(UK), 11(1) 159-166.
  • Crimp, M.A., Vedula, K. (1993). The relationship between cooling rate, grain size and the mechanical behavior of B2-Al alloys. Materials Science and Engineering: A, 165(1) 29-34.
  • Crimp, M.A., Vedula, K., Gaydosh, D.J. (1987). Materials Research Society.
  • Crimp, M.A., Vedula, K., Gaydosh, D.J. (1987). MRS Symposium Proc., 81. High Temperature Ordered Intermetallic Alloys.
  • Crimp, M.A., Vedula, K., Gaydosh, D.J. (1987). pp. 499-504 in MRS Proc., Vol. 81. High-Temperature Ordered lntermetallic Alloys H, ed.NS Stoloff, CC Koch, CT Liu, and O.Izumi, MRS publication.
  • Sherman, M., Vedula, K. (1986). High temperature dispersion strengthening of NiAl. Journal of Materials Science, 21(6) 1974-1980.
  • Shingler, M.J., Vedula, K., Halloran, J.W. (1985). Alteration of CoO wafers in an oxygen chemical potential gradient. Transport in nonstoichiometric compounds, 129.
  • Vedula, K. (1982). Structure-property relationships for the tensile behavior of single phase sintered metals which are ductile at room temperature. Dissertation Abstracts International Part B: Science and Engineering, 43(3).
  • Vedula, K., Funkenbusch, A.W., Heckel, R.W. (1981). A mathematical model for internal oxidation. Oxidation of Metals, 16(5) 385-398.
  • Vedula, K., Heckel, R.W. (1981). Modem Developments in Powder Metallurgy, Vol. 12 eds. HH Hausner, HW Antes and GD Smith, MPIF.
  • Vedula, K., Heckel, R.W. (1980). Structure-Property Relations for the Tensile Behavior of Single-Phase Ductile Sintered Materials. Modern Developments in Powder Metallurgy,, 12 759-777.
  • Darroudi, T., Vedula, K., Heckel, R.W. (1971). Fabrication of composites by diffusion processing. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, 2(1) 325-328.
  • DARROUDI, T., HECKEL, R.W., Vedula, K. (1970). Fabrication of composites by diffusion processing(Solid state diffusion growth of composite materials containing continuous NiAl 3 fibers in aluminum matrices from hot-pressed aluminum embedded nickel wires).
  • Vedula, K., Heckel, R.W. (1970). Spheroidization of binary Fe-C alloys over a range of temperatures. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, 1(1) 9-18.

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Principal Investigator (), - Case Western reserve
    Vedula, K.