Frank Bonner

Frank J. Bonner, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

Francis College of Engineering
Chemical Engineering

Research Interests

Colloidal, macromolecular, biochemical, biophysical phenomena and associated transport; separation and purification; thermal diffusion; sol-gel routes to ceramics and glasses and associated phenomena; suspension and emulsion polymerization and associated phenomena; environmental pollution.


  • Other: Physical Chemistry, (1967), University of Uppsala - Uppsala, Sweden
  • Ph D: Chemical Engineering, (1964), University of Delaware - Newark, DE
  • MS: Chemical Engineering Practice, (1956), Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, MA
  • BS: Chemical Engineering, (1955), Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, MA

Selected Publications

  • Stallone, K.B., Bonner, F.J. (2004). A Comprehensive Thermodynamic Analysis of a CO2-Based Heavy-Metal Extraction Process. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 6(4) 230-242.
  • Stallone, K.B., Bonner, F.J. (2004). A Low Cost environmentally Benign CO2-Based Hydrometallurgical Process. Green Chemistry, 6(6) 267-270.

Selected Intellectual Property

  • Bonner, F.J., Messina, N.V."Lubricating Oil-Compositions," Number 3,282,842, United States
  • Patent - Bonner, F.J."Oil Compositions Containing Emulsion Inhibiting Acetylenic Compounds," Number 3,280,035 United States
  • Patent - Bonner, F.J., Reed, D.A."Lubricating Oil Composition of Improved Low-Temperature Detergency," Number 3,123,570 United States

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Smith Kline Chemicals Research Grant (), Grant - Smith Kline Chemicals
    Bonner, F.