Following are guidelines in the event of an emergency:

What to Do if There is a Fire?fire

  • Active the nearest fire alarm and call UMass Lowell Police if possible 978-934-4911 (on campus phone 4-4911)
  • If there is no fire alarm, knock on the door and yell “FIRE” as you exit the building 
  • Evacuate the building and DO NOT use the elevators
  • Close doors as you leave
  • Feel closed doors with the back of your hand, DO NOT open doors that are hot 

What to do if There is Hazardous Material Spill?spill

  • Move away from the hazard immediately to a safe location
  • Call UMass Lowell Police immediately at 978-934-4911 (on campus phone 4-4911), so that proper trained people can handle the spill
  • Follow instructions of emergency personnel
  • Alert others to stay clear of the area
  • Notify emergency personnel if you have been exposed to the hazard or have information about the release

What to Do if There is a Power Loss?power

  • Move cautiously to a lighted area
  • Turn off and unplug computers and other voltage sensitive equipment 

What to Do if You See a Suspicious Person or Violent Act?suspicious

  • Contact the UMass Lowell Police Department immediately at 978-934-4911 (on campus phone 4-4911)
  • Be ready to provide as much information as possible about the person and his or her direction of travel
  • Follow directions of emergency personnel 

SUSPICIOUSPACKAGEWhat if There is Suspicious Package and/or Bomb Threat?

  • DO NOT touch or disturb the object
  • Call UMass Lowell Police immediately at 978-934-4911 (on-campus phone 4-4911)
  • Be prepared to evaluate the building or area
  • If told to evacuate, look around for other suspicious activity or objects
  • "See something, Say something"

What if There is Severe Weather?

  • Seek shelter inside
  • Shut all doors and windows
  • Stay away from all outside windows and doors
  • Seek information of the UMass Lowell web page
  • DO NOT GO outside until the storm has passed
  • Be aware of downed wires and falling debris

What if I'm Told to Shelter in a Place?

  • Get indoors
  • Shut and Lock all doors and windows
  • Turn off air conditioners, fans and heaters
  • Stay inside until informed by emergency personnel that it is safe to go outside