Learning climate change science while commuting

The goal of ScienceToGo.org is to engage 500,000 daily Boston MBTA riders with an informal learning opportunity about climate change science while they commute.
Climate change is one of the most interesting and challenging issues of our time. A team of educators, scientists, and communication experts from multiple universities and the Boston Museum of Science see an urgent need to improve the public’s engagement with climate change science. They are investigating the impact of an Out of Home Multi-Media (OHMM) exhibit about climate change on adults riding Boston’s subway system, the "T". This exhibit offers the opportunity to improve the public understanding of science by bringing together experts and techniques from a variety of fields to extend the traditional reach of informal science institutions into non-traditional contexts.
Over the course of 12 months, an exhibit of 12 specially designed placards, posters, virtual resources and above-ground stunts will potentially engage over 500,000 riders per day along two of the T’s four lines. T-riders represent a diverse and captive audience, most of whom spend an average of one hour a day in the subway system.  
ScienceToGo.org is funded by a National Science Foundation grant.