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Science-express logoScience Express represents a collection of research projects that investigate the potential of Out-of-Home-Media (OHM) to foster informal science learning. While the model can be used for any specific science topic, the investigators have chosen to focus the model of engagement on climate change. Climate Change represents a timely and relevant example for which to identify the strengths and weakness of using OHM to foster science learning.

OHM is a well-established field of communications that include posters, placards, and billboards. With the advent of smartphone technology, the medium is experiencing a boom in creativity and popularity. For our work, we use spaces aboard public transportation which are normally reserved to advertise products and services. We use these spaces to offer riders a kind of long-term science learning opportunity. By making our signage curriculum the start of learning, riders can continue their free choice exploration of the topic in real time online with their phones.

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