Boost your company’s research and development efforts with the university’s extensive research enterprise. We offer an applied research approach that focuses on solving problems that drive innovation and new technologies. 

Man and woman in lab gear work with testtubes

Our research areas include:

  • Advanced materials and additive manufacturing
  • Biomanufacturing, digital health, medical devices and imaging
  • Cybersecurity and data analytics
  • Energy and sustainability
  • Printed and flexible electronics
  • Robotics and artificial intelligence
  • Space science and technology

The expertise of our research faculty can be accessed individually or in interdisciplinary teams to solve even the most complex challenges — and provide an affordable way to pilot new projects and programs.

Create Strategic Research Partnerships

As an industry-friendly university, UMass Lowell has developed unique co-location research partnerships, in which scientists and engineers work in our laboratories alongside our renowned faculty and top students on collaborative research initiatives such as:

  • The Raytheon UMass Lowell Research Institute, a joint research facility focused on flexible and printed electronics.
  • The HEROES program, a collaboration with the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities and Development Command Soldier Center, in which scientists and engineers work with our faculty in laboratories across many different disciplines, developing technological advances that solve challenges faced by our soldiers across the world.

Capitalize on Our Core Research Facilities

As a member of our Core Research Facilities, your company can take advantage of cost-effective access to cutting-edge, shared research laboratories and equipment, including:

To discuss how we might develop additional partnerships with your company, contact us.