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Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Admission to the university is based entirely on the academic qualifications of the applicant, admission procedures remain the same for all applicants, regardless of disability. Once admitted, the university, its programs and activities are accessible to students who have disabilities; as required under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Academic accommodations are available to students through the Disability Services interactive process. In addition to individualized academic accommodations, all students registered with the office can access priority registration, reduced course load (taking fewer than 12 credits in a semester but remaining eligible for on-campus housing, participating in the Honors College, and making Dean’s List), and foreign language substitution. Specific documentation from a licensed professional is required for all students to register for accommodations. For more information visit the Disability Services Office website.

Despite some historical architectural barriers, wheelchair users can traverse the campus with minimal difficulty. Additionally, students can receive more information through Residence Life for Alternative Housing for Health Needs and dietary conditions and through the UCAPS Transportation office for assistance with using an HP Placard.

Should a student require accommodations during the application process they should contact