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Policies for Advanced Standing Through Exams

Policies for Advanced Standing Through Exams

Students entering the university are eligible to receive credit for advanced standing through the exam programs listed below.

Students may receive a maximum of thirty (30) credits from CLEP, AP, IB, and credit by University of Massachusetts Lowell departmental challenge exams. Credits earned through external exams must be presented at the time of matriculation at the university.  After the first semester, students must submit an approved Undergraduate Academic Petition. Additional information, including limitations and requirements related to CLEP and departmental exams, is detailed in our Course Equivalency Examinations policy.

University departments reserve the right to refuse granting exam credit for requirements in the major, including laboratory components. 

Examination credit may not be used to reduce the university residency requirements of 15 credits in the major field and 30 credits in university courses. Under no circumstance will duplicate credit be granted to students who present formal coursework for transfer.

Students who wish to take courses at the University of Massachusetts Lowell instead of receiving advance standing credits may request removing exam credits in their first semester at the university by emailing Students understand that once credit is removed at their request, it may not be reinstated.