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Health Sciences Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Students in the Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences are assigned an academic advisor from their major upon admission. Students may verify their advisor’s name on their student SiS account. Advisors are available during scheduled office hours each week to meet with students to provide advice and counsel about course selection, academic progress, student concerns and availability of University resources for students. Students are responsible for making an appointment with their advisors during registration periods in fall and spring semesters. Students who fail to avail themselves of this opportunity and who register for incorrect courses, or who withdraw from courses in the schedule that they have developed with their advisor, may find it necessary to extend their period of study and may be ineligible to continue in their major. All seniors are required to consult with their advisors prior to the university established deadline for filing DIG Forms (Declaration of Intent to Graduate) with the Office of the Dean. DIG Forms summarize senior-level status with respect to requirements of the curriculum, grade point averages and documents that all stated requirements for graduation are satisfied.