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Physical Therapy & Kinesiology

Exercise Science Major

The Department of Physical Therapy & Kinesiology offers science-based undergraduate programs that prepare individuals to become exercise practitioners (group exercise instructor, personal trainer) in private or corporate fitness settings, or as a strength and conditioning coach with sport teams, in sports training facilities, or in sports medicine clinics. The focus is on improving or maintaining health and fitness or performance and preventing injury.

The Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science at UMass Lowell offers three options:

  • Clinical Option
  • Exercise and Fitness Management Option
  • Pre-Physician Assistant Option

All undergraduate students in Exercise Science participate in foundational science and core curriculum courses in the first two years of study at UMass Lowell. All students are expected to demonstrate the essential abilities and skills necessary to work accurately and safely with peers and patients/clients in a variety of settings, including classroom, laboratory, and practice settings. Students are expected to assume responsibility for life-long learning and professional career development.

Exercise Science: Clinical Option

The Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, Clinical option gives students the confidence and skills necessary to educate, transform and inspire people to live healthier lives through the study of the body’s response to exercise. With a strong foundation in the sciences, the curriculum prepares students for the capstone senior clinical practicum in a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation setting or a private or corporate fitness center. On completing the BS in Exercise Science, students are prepared to take certification examinations by the American College of Sports Medicine or the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Exercise Science: Exercise and Fitness Management Option

The Exercise and Fitness Management option is an interdisciplinary degree that integrates exercise, nutrition, public health, and business courses. Students selecting the Exercise and Fitness Management option are graduating with “work ready” and transferrable skills in careers that develop and implement exercise and wellness programming. The structure of this degree option allows students to complete one of five (5) business minors and can be easily transition into the Manning School of Business’s MBA program.

Exercise Science: Pre-Physician Assistant Option

The Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, Pre-Physician Assistant option is an expansion of the Clinical Option that includes the pre-requisite courses necessary for successful physician assistant school application. In addition, students enrolled in the Pre-Physician Assistant option will have a dedicated pre-health advisor to guide them through the application process.

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