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Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

The Baccalaureate Program prepares nurse generalists who:

  1. Develop therapeutic relationships with individuals, families, groups and communities
  2. Demonstrate competence in the implementation of standards of practice
  3. Apply ethical principles and legal requirements in the delivery of care to individuals, families, groups and communities 
  4. Collaborate with individuals, families, groups, communities and health care professionals in the delivery of care
  5. Utilize theories and research findings in practice
  6. Promote health in diverse populations
  7. Participate in efforts to influence health care policy
  8. Assume responsibility for learning and professional career development

Graduates of the Baccalaureate Program are prepared to:

  1. Pass the NCLEX - RN licensure exam
  2. Sustain employment in the practice of nursing
  3. Participate in nursing continuing education programs
  4. Obtain nursing practice and/or specialty certifications
  5. Obtain advanced certificates and/or degrees
  6. Become members of professional organizations
  7. Participate on committees in health care agencies
  8. Present papers and posters related to nursing practice
  9. Engage in research utilization and evidenced-based practice