Use Curriculog for Academic Processes

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Curriculog is a software tool designed to modernize and streamline academic requirement and policy activity. Curriculog was implemented at UMass Lowell through a collaboration between Faculty Senate, the Registrar’s Office, Academic Affairs, and IT. 

On this page, you will find important Curriculog notices; please visit our Curriculog Help page for job aids to assist you in your use of the software. 

For processes not currently available in Curriculog, please visit the Registrar’s Office faculty forms page

For questions about using the Curriculog software, contact

For questions about Faculty Senate processes, contact

Curriculog Returning to Action - Additional Processes Available!

Improvements to Curriculog are still ongoing, but many of our processes are now available! Please log in to see the updated list of available approval processes.

The system continues to be available for the review of existing proposals — both historical and in process. 

If you have any suggestions for improvements to our existing forms or ideas for new processes, please feel free to send them to