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Business Administration - Management Concentration

Business Administration: Management Concentration

American management in the 21st century will continue to face significant change in the internal and external business environment. Rapid technological innovation, increasing international competitiveness, a more diverse labor force, and employees who increasingly expect a high quality work life represent only some of those changes that directly affect organizational success and the health and vitality of our economy.

The purpose of the management concentration is to produce skilled managers able to perform effectively under these conditions and contribute to economic development. The program’s goal is to develop creative leaders for management positions who have strong behavioral skills and an integrated, problem-centered approach to decision-making, applicable in any functional area of business.

The curriculum emphasizes the critical competencies required of successful managers in contemporary organizations. These include a wide range of complex human resource skills that address the diverse needs and characteristics of employees in the modern workplace; negotiation skills that facilitate influence when dealing with parties both inside and outside the firm; skills in leadership that enhance employee commitment, and facilitate positive innovation and change; and the ability to plan for, and manage, one’s own career in ways that are congruent with the more dynamic, competitive, and entrepreneurial economy that managers are facing today.

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