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Business Administration - Finance Concentration

Business Administration: Finance Concentration

The objective of the finance concentration is to prepare students for a wide variety of positions in financial management, banking, and the securities fields. The finance curriculum is designed to help students build a strong background in theoretical concepts of finance and train them to apply these concepts in businesses and real-life situations. The concepts and practices learned in the program are applicable to both public and private enterprises in domestic and international environments. 

Job opportunities pursued by the alums of the finance concentration include working in investment banking, commercial banking, start-up firms, the government sector, non-profit firms, and the finance departments of large non-financial corporations.

Finance concentration requires 5 core courses and 2 electives. The required courses cover topics related to major subfields of finance including corporate finance, investments, and international finance that provide a breadth of knowledge. The elective courses allow a student to gain deeper expertise in a particular specialty of finance, such as mergers and acquisitions, commercial banking, financial modeling, and risk management. The finance concentration is not only a concentration of choice on its own, but also a second concentration favored by students who want to pursue careers at the cross-section of different fields such as finance and accounting or finance and entrepreneurship.

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