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Business Administration - Analytics & Operations Management Concentration

Business Administration: Analytics and Operations Management Concentration

From the largest corporations to the smallest retailers, all companies are a part of a supply chain, which sources, produces, distributes, and sells products and services. To be competitive in today’s global marketplace, supply chain and operations managers make critical decisions about designing products, purchasing materials, locating facilities, creating distribution networks, and managing customer relationships.

The Analytics and Operations Management concentration offers students the knowledge and skills they need to ensure employment in leading supply chain and operations management roles. The requisite knowledge and skill sets extend throughout the supply chain: strategic sourcing, global procurement, contract management, business performance improvement, supply chain technologies and six sigma, pricing analysis, channel coordination, service management, new product development, supply chain alignment, retail management and distribution management.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will have the ability to re-engineer the business processes involving multiple firms and different functional departments to achieve a higher level of business performance and profitability. Analytics and Operations Management students are prepared for positions such as procurement/sourcing manager, logistics planner, supply chain analyst, acquisition project analyst, marketing analyst, and sales/distribution managers. Industries such as pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are investing heavily in creating and supporting supply chains that achieve new heights of efficiency and productivity.

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