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Indoor Rock Climbing Gym

Metrorock - Littleton, Mass.

"Our goal is to share the passion and adventure of climbing with people of all ages and abilities. For newcomers we offer easy-to-moderate terrain in a controlled and friendly environment. Experienced climbers will find the most thorough and extensive training facilities around, as well as a thriving community of like-minded individuals. Each of our locations serves as "base camp" for the growing population of active climbers and adventure seekers. Plus our staff represent some of the region's finest climbers, ready to share their experience and enthusiasm with you" (MetroRock).

MetroRock is currently the home practice location for the UMass Lowell Indoor Climbing Club!

Central Rock Gym climbing facility.

Central Rock Gym - Stoneham, Mass.

"Central Rock Gym Stoneham opened to serve the north of Boston community. Built from the ground up, our TR/lead walls, featuring a chimney and some of the coolest wall features in our chain of gyms, have top heights of 45 ft. Head upstairs to the mezzanine to check out the 100+ boulder problems or to take in some big views of the rope walls" (CRG).

Outdoor Rock Climbing

If you like indoor rock climbing, consider joining some of our outdoor rock climbing days! More information on our Rock Climbing page.

Exertion and Skill Level

Indoor climbing nights are fit for everyone! Exertion levels may range from light to vigorous depending on the experience you are seeking, your physical activity level, and your experience with climbing. There are plenty of routes to choose from with a variety of difficulties at all the gyms we partner with. Every indoor climbing night will offer an optional orientation class for those who have never climbed or belayed before (details below). 

Climbing, Belaying and Bouldering

Woman assisting a man who is using a indoor rock climbing wall

Climbing vs. Bouldering: What's the difference?

Climbing is often a two-person sport – one person climbs and one person belays. The belayer is the person on the ground who is maintaining tension on the ropes for the climber, so the climber will not fall even if they lose their grip on the rock/wall. Some gyms also have auto-belays, a machine that lowers the climber automatically at a slow and controlled rate, so you don’t need a belay person on the ground.

Bouldering is done by one person without ropes on walls up to 15’ with big cushions underneath.

Climbing on belay and bouldering are both available at any indoor gym we will go to. The gym is wide open, so you can switch between the different areas as you choose!

Belay Class Required or not?

In order to belay at any gym, you will need to pass a belay test at that gym. We want everyone to learn how to belay, so if you never have belayed or it has been a long time and you need a refresher, please register at least a week in advance and choose "Belay Course Requested" so that we can get you on the list. If there is no space remaining in the belay class on the night for which you are registering, don't worry - you can still climb (while being belayed by an approved belayer), use the auto-belays, and/or use the bouldering walls!

If you already know how to belay, including forming a proper double figure-eight knot with backup and the PBUS belay method (Pull, Brake, Under, Slide), you can take the test upon arrival and if you pass, you will be allowed to belay others immediately. When you register, you can choose "No Belay Class."

Tentative Itinerary

Due to the nature of outdoor trips and uncontrollable variables, all itineraries are subject to change.

  • 5:45 p.m. Meet at the Outdoor Adventure Center and Bike Shop
    5 Lawrence Drive, Lowell, MA 01854
  • 6-7 p.m. Drive to Trip Location
  • 7-9 p.m. Instruction and Climbing
    The climbing gym may be able to provide us with belay lessons/test outs as needed. The person belaying is supporting your climber using the ropes, a belay device and belay technique. The belay lessons are included with the cost of this outing. Otherwise, everyone is all free to climb and socialize!
  • 9-10 p.m. Drive Back to UMass Lowell
  • 10:15-10:30 p.m. Debrief
    Arrive back at the at the Outdoor Adventure Center/Bike Shop, clean up, review course content/answer any remaining question, etc.
  • 10:30 p.m. Latest Dismissal
    This should be determined based off of participants needs and the intended goals of this trip- contact the program to adjust this time.

Curriculum Topics

  • Climbing technique
  • Belaying
  • Figure-8 Follow Through

Packing List

The items on this list are strongly recommended for your trip.

  • Online medical questionnaire and waiver
  • Physical Activity Clothing Longer bottoms are recommended: leggings, sweatpants, longer shorts; short-shorts may be uncomfortable with a harness.
  • Water Bottle Optional - drinking fountains available.
  • Snacks Optional - snacks available for purchase.
  • Personal Medications
  • Medical Insurance Card
  • *Activity Specific Gear Climbing Harness, Climbing Shoes, Belay Device, Chalk

*All items under "Activity Specific Gear" are supplied automatically by the Outdoor Adventure Program. All personal participant equipment is subject to trip leader approval. Please contact us to review any personal gear you would like to bring in substitution of the gear we may provide.

Register for upcoming trips on our Trips and Events Calendar webpage