Local Shuttle Services

Kayakers approaching under a large green arch bridge.

Shuttle Services

Merrimack River Shuttle

We offer an upstream shuttle, where you can rent boats and we will shuttle your group upriver to the River Front Park in Tyngsboro (just above the Tyngsboro Bridge) where you can then enjoy a scenic and leisurely paddle downstream. This trip is about five miles, and generally takes about 2-3 hours of paddling, or longer, 4+ hours, if you choose to paddle upstream first. Registrations are available for single or tandem boats. There is plenty of parking at the Boathouse to leave your car.

Highlights include paddling under the Tyngsboro and Rourke Bridges, the narrows around Tyngs Island, and side trips under the railroad bridges and up Stony Brook to explore historic mill buildings. 

If you have a group of six or more, you can book with us on your own schedule!

Rental TypeCost
Single Kayak or SUP rental with shuttle$50
Tandem Kayak or Canoe rental with shuttle$70
Bring your own solo boat with shuttle$15
Bring your own tandem boat with shuttle$20
  • Cost with rental includes: full day rental for a kayak, canoe or SUP, plus life jacket, paddle, basic safety instruction and van transportation to the boat launch at River Front Park, Tyngsboro, Mass.
  • Scheduling: Custom group shuttles are available most days of the week, subject to boat and staff availability; consider a few different dates or times that could work.
  • To Book: Call the Kayak Center during the season at 978-934-5690 or fill out the form below to request a custom shuttle for your group!
  • For more information on this trip see the Merrimack River Map (pdf).
Group of kayakers on the Nashua River surrounded by trees and greenery.

Other Locations: Merrimack, Concord, Nashua and Squannacook Rivers

Contact us to book a custom group shuttle! We are at a great central location to a number of scenic waterways. We can provide a shuttle service to these other local scenic rivers.

Nashua River

The Nashua River forms the core of the Bolton Flats Wildlife Management Area and the Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge. It winds through marshy areas and forms a pond above the Pepperell Dam. Home to wildlife such as egrets, beavers, and large mouth bass, there is something for everyone to see.

Squannacook River

The Squannacook River is a narrower, winding river. River depths are mainly shallow, making it best to paddle in spring and early summer. It provides a surprisingly remote paddle through Groton and Shirley before it empties into the Nashua, about 2 hours paddling from the launch. There is also a pond that comes off the Squannacook to explore. All together, it's a splendid paddle through a whole lot of conservation land - a perfect way to relax and enjoy some nature time.

Concord River

The Sudbury and Assabet Rivers join to become the Concord River. The river is fairly slow moving and easy to paddle in this section, so you can appreciate the rich natural and cultural sites along the way. Pass by the Old Manse, home of Emerson and Hawthorne, and paddle under the famous Old North Bridge, a part of Minute Man National Historical Park. The River enters the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, and you can land your boat to explore the impoundments, home to a diversity of waterfowl. From here, the river continues to slowly meander through rich greenery until you reach Route 225. Take the straightest route for a 2-hour paddle, or explore all the scenic spaces along the way and make it a full day on the water.

Map of Local Launch Locations

We have outlined available launch locations on this custom Kayak Center Shuttle Launches Google Map.