Team Handball will be played in the Campus Recreation Center.


  1. Sneakers must be worn.
  2. Athletic shorts or pants must be worn. No belts, belt loops, exposed drawstrings or zippers are allowed.
  3. No leg or knee braces made of hard, unyielding material is allowed.
  4. No jewelry is allowed. Including earrings, rings, necklaces, watches and bracelets of any kind.
  5. No headwear with a hard surface or exposed knot may be worn. This includes baseball hats, bandannas, do-rags, and stocking caps.
  6. A game ball will be provided for each contest.
  7. If both captains agree a different ball may be used.
  8. If teams wish to warm up, they must provide their own ball.

Game Time and Forfeits

  1. Games will start at the scheduled time unless notified otherwise.
  2. Forfeit time is ten minutes after the scheduled start time of the contest.
  3. In order for a team to win via forfeit they must have at least four players on site.
  4. If neither team is able to field the correct number of players, a double forfeit will be declared.
  5. If a team forfeits a regular season game they will be ineligible for the playoffs.

Players and Timing

  1. The game shall be played between two teams of five players.
    • Teams may begin and end the game with four players.
    • If a team is reduced to less than four eligible players the game will end and a forfeit declared.
  2. The game shall consist of two 20-minute running halves.
  3. The clock shall be stopped for injuries and unusual delays designated by the official.
  4. Half-time will be approximately three minutes in length
  5. Time-outs
    • Each team will have one, 30-second timeout per half.
    • Do not roll over between periods.
  6. Mercy Rule
    • If any team goes down by 15 goals in the second half or 10 goals under 5 minutes, the game will end.
  7. Overtime
    • Overtime will only occur in playoffs.
      • 5-minute golden goal. First team to score wins.
      • If the score is still tied after 5-minute, Kicks from the Penalty Mark will be taken.
        • Each team will receive five penalty kicks (taken alternately). The team to score the greatest number of these will win.
        • If necessary, the penalty kicks will continue after the initial series of five on a sudden death basis. The first team to score and unanswered goal wins.
        • Each kick shall be taken by a different player, progressing through the entire roster of players who played in the game. Players must have played to participate in the penalty kick tiebreaker.
        • Once the entire roster of players is completed, the initial kicking order will be repeated.

Playing Regulations

  1. A player is allowed to:
    • Run with the ball for 3 steps
    • Hold the ball for 3 seconds
    • Unlimited dribble with 3 steps allowed before and after dribbling (no double dribble)
  2. Fouls will be called if a player:
    • Endangers an opponent with the ball
    • Uses outstretched arms or legs to obstruct, push, hold, trip, or hit an opponent
    • Pulls, hits, or punches the ball out of the hands of an opponent
    • Contacts the ball below the knee
    • Dives on the floor for a rolling or stationary ball
    • A defender pushes or jumps into an attacker
    • An attacker charges through a defender with an established position
  3. Passive Play: It is illegal to keep the ball in a team's possession without making a recognizable attempt to attack and to try to score. A free throw will be awarded to the other team.
  4. Substitutions: Substitutions are made on the fly from the team bench area by the scorer’s table. Teammate must tag-in to assure a clean, non-advantage entry.
  5. Free-Throw: For a minor foul or violation, a free-throw is awarded to the opponent at the exact spot it took place. If the foul or violation occurs within 2 yards of the goal area line, the throw is taken from the nearest spot 2 yards away from the goal area line.
  6. Throw In: A throw-in is awarded when ball goes out of bounds on the sideline or when the ball is last touched by a defensive player (excluding the goalie) and goes out of bounds over the endline. The throw-in is taken from the spot where the ball crossed the sideline, or if it crossed the endline, from the nearest corner. The thrower must place one foot on the sideline to execute the throw. All opposing players must stay 3 meters away from the ball.
  7. 7-Meter Throw: The throw will be taken from the top of the goal area (3-pt arc) and the shooter cannot be more than 1 yard from the line (they may not run up for the shot). The player taking the throw has 3 seconds to shoot after referee's whistle and must shoot the ball on goal. Any player may take the 7-meter throw. All other field players may line up around the goal area but must be at least 3 yards from the shooter.
  8. 7-meter throw is awarded when:
    • A foul denies a clear chance to score
    • The goalie carries the ball back into his or her own goal area
    • A player intentionally plays the ball to his/her own goalie in the goal area and the goalie touches the ball
    • A defensive player enters his/her goal area to gain an advantage over an attacking player in possession of the ball.
  9. Goal-Throw: The goalie takes the throw inside the goal area and is not restricted by the 3-step/3-second rule. When putting the ball back in play goalies cannot carry the ball outside of their “goal box”. The goalie must pass the ball to put it back into play.
  10. Goal-throw is awarded when:
    • The ball rebounds off the goalkeeper over the endline
    • The ball is thrown over the endline by the attacking team
  11. Referee Throw: Referee throws the ball vertically between two opposing players at center court. The jumping players may grab the ball or tap it to a teammate. All other players must be 3 meters away from the throw.
  12. A referee throw is awarded when the ball touches anything above the court after a simultaneous infringement of the rules or after simultaneous possession of the ball.


  1. Violations (yellow card): Violations will result in 2-minute suspensions thereafter.
  2. 2-minute suspensions awarded for:
    • Committed fouls with high intensity or against an opponent who is in the running motion
    • Holding on to the opponent for a period of time or pulling the opponent down
    • Fouls against the head, throat, or neck
    • Hard hitting against the torso or throwing arm
    • Attempting to make the opponent lose body control (e.g. grabbing the leg/foot of an opponent who is jumping)
    • Running or jumping with great speed into an opponent
    • Illegal substitution
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct
  3. The suspended player's team plays short for 2 minutes.
  4. Disqualification and Exclusion (red card): A disqualification is the equivalent of three, 2-minute suspensions. A disqualified player must leave Rec Center building, but the team can replace player after the 2-minute suspension expires. An exclusion is given for assault. The excluded player's team continues short one player for the rest of the game.